4 Sioux Falls Coffee Shops

Home to multiple colleges including University of Sioux Falls and Augustana, Sioux Falls is a hotbed for local restaurants, pubs, and most importantly cafes. College students and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly. So it’s no mystery why these four local coffee shops are doing so well in the middle of farm country.

  1. Coffea Roasterie – Sleek and modern, Coffea has three locations in Sioux Falls and offers an amazing cup of joe. With a calming atmosphere and welcoming staff members, you will feel right at home camping out for the morning to enjoy your coffee and browse the local papers.
  2. Josiah’s Coffeehouse – Rated as one of the best in Sioux Falls, Josiah’s does not disappoint with their warm and community like atmosphere. Their breakfast menu has a wide range of offerings and their lattes are truly amazing.
  3. The Source – Located downtown, this quaint little coffee shop makes you feel as if you are in New York City or San Francisco. With their modern cottage decor, you can tell from the people that work there that they are truly passionate about the food and beverages they serve.
  4. All Day Cafe – If quirky and fun is your flavor then head over to this cafe located next to Scheels. With a large outdoor patio, All Day is perfect for summertime lounging. Their OMG french toast is simply divine, especially when you pair it with one of their breakfast cocktails or a fresh pot of coffee.

If you’re traveling to Sioux Falls and are an avid lover of local shops, you will have a hard time deciding on which one, if not all, to visit.

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