Locals’ favorite attractions

Visiting a new town with your family on vacation is always fun. If you’re visiting a bigger city than what you usually live in, stopping at all of the big stores that the small towns don’t have is usually top on the list. But something that would add a little culture and a whole different experience to your trip would be to stop at the locals’ favorite places to eat, drink, visit, etc. Sioux Falls is home to a wide variety of attractions that are worth visiting while you’re here. These are just a few of them.

Falls Park
This is likely on every tourist’s list of places to stop while they’re visiting Sioux Falls, but it’s also a local favorite. With the gorgeous cascading waterfalls, Falls Park gives everybody who visits the feeling of being in the middle of the woods while still in the center of the city. They are beautiful during the day, but if you’re looking for a great view of the falls, stop by at night when they are all lit up and cast an amazing light on the city of Sioux Falls.

This ever-changing art exhibit spans the downtown area and features numerous local artists. The art is changed once a year and allows guests the opportunity to get a taste of local art and culture, while also giving visitors the opportunity to visit the vast array of shops in the downtown area, which are also frequented by the locals. The SculptureWalk offers a bit of pizzazz and flair to the already beautiful downtown area.

Fernson Brewing Company
Everybody loves a beer, and it makes it even better when it’s a local brew. Stop by Fernson Brewing Company for a taste of locally made beer, and a small wine selection. Fernson offers a wide selection of local tastes that will really give you a taste of what Sioux Falls is like.

Spa 2000
A spa day is always a great idea. There is nothing better than relaxing, getting a massage, and drinking a glass of wine while on vacation. Stop by Spa 2000 for an unforgettable experience with any of their professional massage therapists and get a pedicure while relaxing in their quiet, dim ambiance that is sure to relax you to your core and give you the best vacation experience you could ask for.

There is something for everyone in Sioux Falls. Be sure to ask any of our friendly front desk staff what their favorite places in Sioux Falls are and where they like to frequent to have a truly unique and cultural trip.

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